Heavy Discount on Processing Fee:

Students taking admission through CollegeClue in any university, will get heavy discounts on Processing Fee.

Free Multiple up-down Flight/Train tickets:

1. You can use 15k Rs. (Max.) for booking Flight/Train Tickets, in which you can book single/multiple Ticket to Delhi from your home destination.
2. After admission you will get cashback for your tickets (max. 15k Rs.)

Refer & Earn:

1. You can generate your referral code while applying in any university for admission.
2. First 3 letters of your Name & Last 3 digits of passport/Aadhar no. (in case passport is not available) will be your referral code.
    e.g.- Name- SUNITA
    Passport No.- AH345678
    Referral Code will be – SUN678
3. Give this referral code to your friend for taking admission in any university through CollegeClue
4. Share the details of your friend/student with us, who has used your referral code while applying to any university through collegeClue
5. After successful admission in selected university, your friend/student will get

Discount Coupon of Rs. 5k & You will get Discount Coupon of Rs. 10k.

Add Discount Coupons on each referral :

1. Inform CollegeClue about all those students who have taken admission through your referral code.
2. On each admission you will get Discount Coupon of Rs. 10k
3. You can redeem all your Discount Coupons before your departure to the university.

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